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Professional Development

Membership Meetings & Coaching Sessions

We hold at least one membership meeting and/or coaching session every month during the Fall and Winter Semesters. Previous meeting topics have included sessions on Networking, Career Preparation, Crucial Conversations, Social Sciences and Human Resources, and StrengthsFinder. We have also held company sponsored case competitions were members can apply their HR knowledge to solve real business problems.

This year we hope to expand our meeting topics to include a deeper dive into the different HR functions and also provide sessions that prepare you to receive an HR certification. 

BYU SHRM Learning System

Powered by Cypher Learning, NEO LMS, BYU SHRM has invested resources in building a Learning Management System that helps to supplement your academic learning. Our courses are designed around a competency model developed by SHRM. These competencies were identified through extensive research and focus groups that included HR professionals and executives. As you build your "HR toolbox" around these competencies, you will become a highly successful HR professional and leader.

Professional Chapters & HR Conferences

Our chapter is fortunate to have partnerships with two SHRM professional chapters, HRACU and SLSHRM. These chapters are led by talented HR professionals who are eager to help you jump start your HR career. Both chapters hold monthly development meetings which you are encouraged to attend. The greatest part is that you will be able to network with many great HR professionals in the Salt Lake and Utah county areas, and who knows, maybe you'll score an internship or job opportunity!

Throughout the year there will also be numerous HR conferences that you can attend to further expand your "HR toolbox". Both HRACU and SLSHRM hold their annual HR conferences during the school year which you can attend for a subsidized fee. There is also a DisruptHR SLC conference that brings HR professionals together to talk about next generation HR practices, and the BYU HRM program holds its annual HR conference in the Fall Semester. You are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities as it will be extremely helpful for paving your path toward a successful HR career.

HR Case Competitions

Case competitions are a great way to work in teams and apply your HR knowledge to solve a real business problem. Throughout the year we host mini-case competitions that help prepare you for formal case competitions that are hosted by the Utah State SHRM Council, Purdue University Krannert, and the Society for Human Resource Management. In recent years, companies have transitioned from interviews to hosting case competitions as a way to evaluate talent and extend internship or full-time offers.

All case competition opportunities will be emailed to all SHRM members so that you can sign up and take advantage of this rewarding experience.

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