BYU SHRM 2022-23
Executive Leadership Team

BYU SHRM is led by 7 amazing leaders. These are students in the Human Resource Management program and are committed to developing quality HR professionals that will be tomorrow's leaders in the business.

 The BYU SHRM Executive Leadership team includes the BYU SHRM Chapter President, an Executive Vice president, and 5 qualified Vice Presidents that lead recruiting, development, operations, and networking responsibilities for the club. Each Vice President also leads a team of directors that help carry out their directives established by both the ELT and the BYU SHRM President.

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Darcie Hone.jpg

Darcie Hone


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Aaron Adams

Executive Vice President


Abby Ebert

VP of Professional Development & Events


Aubrey Davis

VP of Operations


Josh Hinton

VP of Recruiting & Networking


Alma Black

VP of Diversity & Inclusion


Gabby Golightly

VP of Communications & Branding