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Human Resource Management Program

Why not pursue your passion by getting a degree in HR? You will join a powerful business network and be surrounded by peers that have the same drive and passion as you do.

The best part of my HRM program experience was the opportunity to work with amazing and talented individuals. The program is led by amazing faculty that truly care about each student in the program. My classmates demonstrated a strong passion for the field of HR and they each had the drive and tenacity to become quality HR leaders! If I ever had the opportunity to work in a company, I would love to work with my talented classmates again! Without a doubt, BYU Marriott and the HRM program is one of the best business programs in the United States. Any company that hires a BYU HR student will be amazed at how talented the student is and they'll definitely want more!

Braeden Santiago, BYU Class of 2018


The HRM program prepares you to become an influential thought-leader that can drive change in the workforce. Courses in the major cover topics in change management, human resource management, compensation & benefits, performance management, organizational behavior, and leadership development. Click the box below to see the course overview.

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